a threefold cord

When the Mr and I met back in 2009, we haven’t been baptized. My husband grew up catholic and my mother is one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. So the connection between religious life and a successful marriage wasn’t totally new to me. But there is a big difference of knowing the concept of something and really doing the things learned.

Last October I have been in the Alps for the first time, although I don’t live too far away.  I have been reading about the mountains and heard friends telling me about their experiences. I heard stories about the view and how clean the air is; How far you can see and the special smell of earth and wood, which is different than in any other place you have ever been. I had kind of an image in my head and I thought I knew what it would be like standing on top of a mountain, but I was wrong.
It was absolutely breathtaking. I have never felt closer to nature and Jehovah before. I felt small and big. It was like being a child in a candy shop, every second a different kind of smell and I could not even define what it was.

It is the same with building your family and your future with Jehovah. You think you know how it works and feels like, until you get your first glimpse.

And someone may overpower one alone, but two together can take a stand against him. And a threefold cord cannot quickly be torn apart. – Ecc 4:12

A friend once told me: Imagine you and your husband on the opposite side of a mountain, with Jehovah on the top. You can try to go through the mountain to reach your mate or you can both choose to climb the mountain. The higher you get, and the closer you come to Jehovah, your distance will automatically become shorter and shorter until you meet at the top.

We might not yet be at the top and it is a quite exhausting task sometimes. But we are climbing and while doing this, we enjoy the beautiful view on Jehovah’s mountain and the blessings of being near him.

Draw close to god, and he will draw close to you.” – Jas 4:8


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