Hi there! Welcome to our blog!

We are so happy you join us on our journey!

We are Hannah and Toby and our journey began in Germany. We got married right our of school and built our life with hard labor and a lot of trust in each other. We are practically inseparable.

Our life changed drastically, when we started studying the Bible together. I already knew a lot from childhood, but my husband was really new to this. We knew we found something special, nonetheless it took us about 10 years until we finally were able to make all the changes we wanted.

So when we both got baptized, we knew this was not the end, but the beginning of our journey. We always wanted to live abroad, and now we wanted to live abroad working for the best boss there can be: Jehovah.

So we decided to move where the need is greater, in our case: Ireland! We started doing research, went for a round trip through the country for 2 weeks and started simplifying our life and save money for our move.

This is our journey. Feel free to join us!