Ireland Roadtrip 2017 – Accomodation Problems

2017 the Mr, the Teabee and I were going to Ireland to see the legendary Emerald Isle with our own eyes. We had a rough Concept where to go within 14 days and what to see, but were flexible enough to stop wherever and whenever we wanted. After starting in Dublin for a few days, we started our journey to Glendalough, Cork, Kerry  and Galway, before coming back to Dublin.

Only 3 more days to go and we are finally off to our Ireland Roadtrip! We are so excited to go!
We just booked the first few days in Dublin to stay flexible throughout the trip. Well, it turned out we will be a lot more flexible during the first few days than we expected. Yesterday evening we received a message, our host has an emergency and cannot receive us in Dublin. Now this is just perfect.

Dublin is first of all very expensive, and second of all very booked 3 days before you want to go there. We spent our evening looking for another place to stay, without having to pay a lot of additional money. We had to compromise a little, we now have to change the place for our last day before we leave Dublin, which robs us of some time we could spend differently. Of course one of the backup places we booked canceled as well, but at least they did it in time.

We are still happy and excited and so looking forward to our trip. Whatever will happen the next days, nothing can spoil the party to come!

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