Ireland Roadtrip 2017 – Arrival Excitement

2017 the Mr, the Teabee and I were going to Ireland to see the legendary Emerald Isle with our own eyes. We had a rough Concept where to go within 14 days and what to see, but were flexible enough to stop wherever and whenever we wanted. After starting in Dublin for a few days, we started our journey to Glendalough, Cork, Kerry and Galway, before coming back to Dublin.


I barely slept that night. First I couldn’t sleep because I was too excited and then I woke up every 30 minutes until we could finally start the day. I didn’t really feel tired, but I guess it was the adrenalin.

It hasn’t been too stressful either. We’ve been well prepared. Everything was paced except toiletries and technology, so we knew what to take and when to leave. For now we felt we did everything we needed.

The Mood

Yesterday we realized our mood was a little lower than we would have liked it to be, in expectation of an amazing holiday. Maybe the preparation,the problems with our airbnb and the water damage in our own kitchen just got to us in the end. Anyway, we decided to enjoy this holiday to the full, no matter what. Sometimes you really need to actively resolve to stay calm, enjoy and let things just be the way they are.

We had no idea how much we would need this.

Arrival in Ireland

We have had some time thinking about the recent events, and came to this conclusion:

Ireland is so excited to meet us, it wet itself … and us … multiple times … and it was not rain.

Where is my mind?

First our flight was an hour delayed, because the passengers of the flight to Russia previous to us had to be searched, found and dragged to the plane one by one until they could finally depart. When boarding would have been finished there were still 40! passengers missing.

60 minutes late we finally took off and landed safely in Dublin. At the baggage pickup I decided to take a quick trip to the Lou, which turned out to be a very bad idea, because due to my vacation brain I actually left my phone there. Even worse, I realized when we were out of security and standing in front of the airport trying to find the bus to the city. The Security guards told me I had to call the airline to look for the phone. You can imagine it felt like hours waiting. Of course they did not find the phone, so they took me through security again, while the two boys were patiently waiting outside. I already lost hope to find the phone again. I did put my contact card in the phone case, so at least whoever found it could see my E-Mail-Address, but there was no guarantee they would. While looking for the phone, one of the cleaning staff approached me and offered to call the phone. Again it felt like hours waiting for someone to pick up, but someone did! Turned out, another staff member, a woman took the phone, and was on her way home to ask her daughter to write an email to me. She immediately came back to return my phone. You can imagine how happy and grateful I was.
I actually wasn’t that scared about having lost the value, but about my husband. It’s like when you are young. Parents aren’t mad, they are disappointed. Same when you are married.

First Night

We finally arrived at our airbnb, which was amazing. It was announced as the smallest house in Dublin, but we didn’t expect that. Our host told us the story of back in the times, when the owner of the street got so greedy, he decided to build a roof over the tiny alley between two houses. This way he had one house more to let. There was only one problem, which we were to discover later that night.

So when we went home after having dinner and a pint it started raining. We did not know this would be one of two times we actually would see rain in Ireland. We didn’t bother the rain, because we had marvellous rain gear with us (what a waste).  But back at home I heard something dripping. It didn’t take me long to find the waterfall running down from the roof, through the installed ceiling and down the wall, soaking the whole floor.

Do you know those moments, you aren’t mad or scared, because situations just seem so unreal you can’t help it but laugh? We left our water damaged home to just 12 hours later sit inbetween pots retaining water coming through the roof. Our host Tom  came immediately, while The Mr already had found a towel in the drain pipe which caused the problem. Obviously the alley the house was build in, served as water outlet for all houses along the street, with now only one pipe going down in the middle of the building. This pipe was clogged. Lucky us, huh?

More Water

Luckily, we still got our resolution in mind, to enjoy this holiday no matter what and we did! We had a grand time strolling around Dublin. We really went Full Tourist these few days. Here is a post “Ireland Roadtrip 2017 – Dublin”  about our tourist stuff we did in Dublin.  On our last day before starting our roadtrip we had to change our accomodation again (Ireland Roadtrip 2017 – Accomodation Problems).

When I got up the next morning in our last airbnb in Dublin, I wondered why my washbag was wet. And then I saw it wasn’t just my washbag, it was inside the suitcase. First I thought a bottle leaked, but there was water about 2 cm high in the case. Then I realized it was just one side of the suitcase and that was the moment I really started doubting myself. It took me some time to find out, that our case was standing under the heater, which was slowly leaking water. We were so lucky it was the one side without clothes, otherwise we really would have had a lot of fun.

So when we left Dublin the day after, we were wondering what lay ahead of us. But we were still curious. Did the Island really not like us at all? No, we stood our ground. We were convinced:

Ireland is so excited to meet us, it wet itself … and us … multiple times … and it was not rain.

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