We heard back from Galway!

As a preparation to move to Ireland as need greater in 2019, the Mr and I are going to visit the congregations there several times. This week we head up to Galway for the first time since our holiday in 2017.

Looking for a service Partner

A few weeks ago, a nice brother visited our congregation and joined us for a field service meeting. Since we are a very small congregation, sometimes there are only three or four people attending. On this particular day, The Mr, my friend and I were already in service in the morning but wanted to join the others anyway before visiting an exhibition. The meeting conductor had to leave right away to give a talk some 50 km away. That left our nice brother from abroad with no partner. I felt horrible, but couldn’t change a thing.

Weekend trip to Galway

On May 9th, The Mr and I have our 9th Anniversary. We already took some days off and 3 weeks ago I was thinking what fun things we could do. I did some research and presented the results to The Mr in the evening. The plan: weekend trip to Galway, visiting the congregations and joining in field service. Did you know there are really cheap flights from Germany to Ireland?

We remembered the awkward situation with our own field service meeting a few weeks ago and thought about how to avoid a situation like this for ourselves. The Mr consulted one of our elders, who suggested we should simply send an old fashioned letter to the Kingdom Hall. Which we did!

A Response and a Plan

6 days before our flight we heard back! We received two nice emails from both congregations with a territory card, all the field service arrangements, the meetings and best of all a message that they would look forward to our visit.

We immediately made a plan how many meetings we would attend. Let’s see if we can stick to our plan!

We are very excited to make our fist trip to Ireland in direct preparation to moving there in one year. We are looking forward to meeting all our brothers and sisters and hopefully make new friends.

If you want to know why we are moving to Ireland, please read “We’re moving to Ireland!

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  1. Osi says:

    Congratulations for the move. I recently was approved to go to Ireland for the preaching campaign going on in May and June. Unfortunately due to loss of passport for visa I can’t go anymore 😭. But I have friends in Ireland and I’m certain you’ll have a wonderful time

    1. humblebee says:

      Oh no, that is horrible! I’m sure it would have been great to be in Ireland for the special campaign! Maybe you are able to go some other time.

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