What is a ‘Need Greater’?

What exactly is a ‘Need Greater’?

In my previous Post “We are Moving to Ireland!” I promised to explain what a ‘Need Greater’ is.
A ‘Need Greater’ is a person serving where there is a greater need. This means serving specifically where there is a high need for kingdom publishers. This can be any language, any land. It can be due to an abundance of foreigners or the lack of publishers in a certain area. For example there was an increase in English speaking people due to refugees coming to Germany, but only relatively few English speaking, even less Arabic speaking publishers. Alaska for example has a large territory, with relatively few brothers and sisters. Many countries have unassigned territory because of a lack of publishers. You can check the publisher to population ratio in the Grand Totals of 2017.

Does this mean you need to go abroad?

No! There is most likely a great need in one or another area in your own country, or even city. There could be a need in a foreign language congregation or another congregation could be in need of pioneers or ministerial servants right where you live. The elders in your congregation and the branch offices know best, where there is a need and what they need in particular.
Not everyone can move abroad, since this can be financially and health-wise challenging. It is everyone’s personal responsibility to consider your circumstances and evaluate if you can increase your ministry to Jehovah. But I guarantee, there is always work for you if you offer yourselves willingly.

Your people will offer themselves willingly on the day of your military force.
In splendid holiness, from the womb of the dawn,
You have your company of young men just like dewdrops.
– Psalm 110:3

What if I get sent somewhere I don’t want to go?

What? No! There is a big difference between a Need Greater and a Missionary! There are currently two schools brothers and sisters can attend to get a special assignment after graduation:

School for Kingdom Evangelizers. This two-month school is designed to train experiences pioneers who are willing to leave their home area to serve where they are needed. This school helps single brothers and sisters and married couples, ages 23 to 65, to cultivate the spiritual qualities they will need in their assignment and the skills that will enable them to be used more fully by Jehovah and his organization. At the graduation the pioneers receive their assignments.

Watchtower Bible School of Gilead. The five-month Gilead course includes a thorough study of God’s Word. Those who are serving as special pioneers or field missionaries, are at branch offices, or are in the circuit work are invited to this school for intensive training to help stabilize and strengthen the worldwide work. Graduates from this school receive financial support from the Branch during their assignments.

Now, for the Need Greaters:
In Bethel sometimes the term ‘Self Supported Missionary’ is used. That means to be a Need Greater. The Branch does not support a Need Greater financially, nor does it actually assign them. The Need Greaters go only if they want to and where they want to. However a Need Greater can talk to the Service overseer, the circuit overseer, or send a letter to the Branch through the congregations Service Comittee. The Service Comittee adds a letter of recommendation to your personal letter and sends it to the Branch office. The Branch in return offers suggestions where there is a need.

Any tips?

Whenever there is a big decision ahead, it is always good to pray to Jehovah for guidance.
Also do a lot of research and watch videos about brothers and sisters who have done something similar before.
Here is a list of things that might be helpful:

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